Cosmopolitan Cocktail Recipes- The Ultimate Girly Drink

Cosmopolitan Cocktail Recipes- The Ultimate Girly Drink

April 3, 2021 0 By admin

Most mixologist’s go-to cosmopolitan cocktail recipes, the sophisticated cocktail, or cosmo, is a famous and one of beloved drinks. If you are a fan of cosmo, it’s easy to level up along with your version of the cosmopolitan cocktail.

There is a great need to know, a classic Cosmopolitan is a simple drink. It quickly became one of the most popular drinks, and its peak was in the 1990s. The reason for the popularity of this drink was the multiple appearances in the HBO show. Soon it has become the ultimate girly drink. Many bartenders know how to make this drink because it is an excellent choice for a casual night out.

However, there are multiple variations on the Cosmo. Some people use more or less cranberry juice and some triple sec instead of Cointreau. People also use citrus vodka in cosmopolitan cocktail recipes. It’s all a matter of personal preference. If your taste is running towards the sweeter side, there is a Cosmo below for you as well.


  • ½ ounce fresh lime juice
  • 1½ ounces citrus Vodka
  • Orange peel
  • 1-ounce cranberry juice cocktail
  • 1-ounce blood orange liqueur
  • Ice
  • Match to flame the orange peel


  • Chill a martini glass. Fill the cocktail with ice and a splash of water. Set it aside while you make the drink.
  • Bring a cocktail shaker and combine the lime juice, cranberry juice cocktail, and blood orange liqueur—all citrus vodka in it.
  • Add ice and shake to chill.
  • Shake is for 15 to 20 seconds.
  • Add the ice and water out of the glass.
  • Strain the drink.
  • You can run the orange peel around the rim of the glass. Light the match and warm the orange peel by passing it over the flame. Hold the lit match for an inch above the cocktail, as well as hold the peel so above the game.
  • Pinch the orange peel over to release the oils. Keep in consideration that the match will flame the oils; they drop into the drink.
  • Extinguish the match.
  • Drop the peel into the drink as a garnish for all cosmopolitan cocktail recipes.

Essential Tips to Make the Cosmopolitan Cocktail Recipes

There is a great need to reply to these crucial tips to make the cocktail shine.

  • Don’t forget the step to chill the glass. For this method, one of the best ways is to keep the glasses chilled by storing them in the freezer. Keep in mind that a chilled glass always keeps your drink at the perfect temperature.
  • Always use fresh lime juice to make it tastier. If you cannot key limes, use Persian limes instead. These are the standard limes that you can easily find at the grocery store.
  • Always choose the standard vital limes that are green and plump.
  • As the key limes are tiny, the best way to juice them is to cut the limes into quarters. Juice them with the help of a garlic press.
  • There is a significant need to know that cranberry juice is too strong for a good cosmo. If you want to color your drink, add a hint of sweet tartness. Add a light cranberry flavor without overwhelming. It is one of the best reasons why cranberry juice cocktail is a fantastic choice than 100% unsweetened cranberry juice.
  • Ensure that you are working with chilled ingredients. Don’t melt too much of the ice or over dilute the drink while shaking all the cosmopolitan cocktail recipes.
  • Balance is crucial. So, always measure all the ingredients carefully in a jigger. The proper ratio of the elements is essential such as the balance of sweet and tart.
  • It’s best to use a sharp vegetable peeler or strong bartender’s knife in order to cut a citrus peel for the garnish. Cut the peel very shallow.
  • While flaming the peel, ensure the hair is tied back. You are not wearing loose clothing. Moreover, there is nothing flammable in the vicinity.

What’s in a Cosmopolitan?

The significant thing about a cocktail is, you create a basic drink and make it an ultra-premium experience. It directly depends on all the ingredients you select.

Lime Juice

There is half an ounce of lime juice in a serving of cosmo. If your preference is a tarter drink, add up to half an ounce more. You can also experiment to find the balance you like. It is essential to keep in mind that the best cocktails feature freshly squeezed citrus juice. You can use bottled lime juice. But as a result, the cocktail will not be tasty. It would be best if you use fresh lime juice.

Cranberry Juice Cocktail

Cranberry juice is responsible for adding enticing pink flavor to the cosmopolitan cocktail. It also adds a hint of sweet-tart-berry flavors. Balance is critical in cosmopolitan cocktail recipes because cranberry is a strong flavor that becomes overwhelming when out of balance. For this purpose, a cranberry juice cocktail is recommended over 100% unsweetened cranberry juices.

The overall flavor of cranberry juice is lighter with added sweetness for balancing the tart flavors. If you use 100% pure cranberry juice, it is crucial to dial down the amount to just a splash to color and flavor the drink.

Orange-Flavored Liqueur

Orange liqueur is best to add sweetness to balance the tart flavors in the cranberry or lime juice. It will bring another sweet citrus to the drink. There is a need to know, the orange flavor makes a decent cosmopolitan cocktail. Along with this, you can also add various choices such as curaçao, triple sec, or other orange liqueurs such as Grand Marnier and Cointreau.

It is suggested to select a high-quality orange liqueur for better results. Grand Marnier and Cointreau are the best choices for a quality cosmo.


It seems silly to discuss ice. However, ice can make a huge difference in how diluted the drink becomes as you shake it. Along with this, ice affects flavor and mouthfeel. Use medium-sized ice cubes in cosmopolitan cocktail recipes to chill the glass quickly. However, melt slowly by making it ideal for creating a chill. The cosmo is served straight-up. There is no requirement to worry about the ice diluting it after the drink is strained.

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