Fashion Nova beats out Dior and Gucci- Fashion Nova Dresses Become the Most Googled in the World

Fashion Nova beats out Dior and Gucci- Fashion Nova Dresses Become the Most Googled in the World

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Do you know that Fashion Nova is one of the massive hits in the world of fashion? If yes, you should know that the brand has generated over 400 million dollars in the fashion industry within less than eighteen months.

This vital clothing brand is popping out day by day that you cannot stop hearing it. It is was launches in Los Angeles, now it has 5 outlets and 20 Million followers on Instagram. There is a great need to know that the Fashion Nova brand in terms of Fashion Nova dresses grows more than 600% every year. The brand is popular in dresses, especially for women. One of the top reasons for the popularity of Fashion Nova is offering bone fide apparel. These dresses are best for women who don’t want to fit with their standard size. A lot of American celebrities have bulbous hips with zero figures. Along with this, Fashion Nova also promotes streetwear.

The One Thing Strategy

Bear in mind that every person is capable of achieving his/her goals. The main point is to focus on your goals as well as divide them into sub-goals. People think that focusing on more than single goals makes them perfect and intelligent, that’s not true. The reason is that we start perusing other things and distract from the obvious ones. No doubt, you can accomplish all your dreams, but you cannot get them at the same time. Fashion Nova had focused on a single point and lead with it.

Fashion Nova store in California is a tourist’s destination but the owner didn’t think to build another store for that purpose. The primary focus is to bring stylish and trendy Fashion Nova dresses to the fashion market. However, the owner had realized the importance of social media marketing very soon, it is one of the great reasons that Fashion Nova is getting extremely inn globally.

Marketing Pyramid by the Influencers

As is described above, social media influencers had played a great role in brand promotion. Brand’s close collaborations with celebrities are one of the key factors. Both micro and macro-influencers have done their job to bring organic traffic. The followers purchase the Fashion Nova dresses and upload the pictures to see their story on Instagram. Currently, there are more than 5000 social media influencers of this viral brand.

Level of Influence of Fashion Nova

The brand, Fashion Nova uses a model known as the marketing pyramid. As the hierarchy of needs, this pyramid is also a four-level model in terms of influencer marketing. You will see that interest as well as passion significantly decreases. However, the number of audiences will increase. However, the pyramid is describing a complete set of methodologies in order to target the customers.

There are four main levels of influencers of Fashion Nova that you need to know. Let’s have a look at them one of one.

First Level – I know It

In the pyramid of Fashion Nova influence, it is the largest category of people. It comprises all the consumers and followers who just want to buy the dresses for the sake of need. They don’t even show interest in the purchased item. However, their main target is to follow the fashion nova dresses, brand, and style. Their demand is just, they want to buy this of that item.

Second Level- I Like It

People in this category are super fans of the Fashion Nova brand. They are crazy to purchase their favorite clothes and show huge interest in consuming time with the brand. Along with this, they also love to post different pictures of buying and wearing the clothes in order to get a chance for featuring out on the Instagram page.

Before moving towards the third level, let’s describe an important point. Fashion Nova has different Instagram accounts such as for men, women, kids, plus size, and many more. However, the role of social media influencers to promote their items by giving them the hit articles free of cost will be described next.

Third Leve- I Love It

This level includes all the influencers who take fashion as their favorite hobby. Their biggest passion is Fashion Nova. These influencers wear Fashion Nova and promote the brand by posting pictures and videos on different social media accounts. Along with this, they also spend their precious time in the promotion. However, there are both micro and macro-influencers. Macro influencers are for paid promotions however, micro-influencers get the items free of cost to promote Fashion Nova. This step significantly increases the overall sale by an increase in several followers.

Fourth Level 4 — I Live It

It is the highest level of Fashion Nova influencers. People in this category live and breathe for Fashion Nova. Let’s share a story. American rapper named Cardi BB joined hands with Fashion Nova before she was an artist. Now, she is considered one of the driving forces of this brand. Fashion Nova is one of the leading brands, the power of social media influencers is playing a great role in it.

It is essential to know that social media influencers with large followers increase your sale effectively. It doesn’t mean that micro-influencers are just for receiving the items free of cost. Sometimes, they also give a better promotion rather than the celebrities. It is fascinating to know that micro-influencers have different strategies to boost your sale and followers rapidly.

Being so cheap in the fashion market

There is no need to explain that Fashion Nova is extremely cheap. You can buy a lot of items under 200 dollars as compared to a designer dress. Along with this, most of the Fashion Nova dresses are under fifty dollars. You can easily pair a pair of jeans, shoes, or other dresses in this price range. Although these price tags would not allow you to wait for a sale, you can still get some coupon codes and discounts on special occasions. However, in the world of fashion, Fashion Nova is one of the top leading brands. The over strategies help it to beat all the top brands such as Gucci and Dior.

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