Flunks NFT Overview

Flunks NFT Overview

March 30, 2022 0 By admin

The Flunks nft game is one of the newer entrants to competitive gaming, and it has already gained a large following among nerds. The team behind the game is a group of young, creative people who love to play video games and are very passionate about the Flunks NFT. Besides being a game, Flunks also offers unique merch, in-game item drops, etc. However, before we get into those aspects of the new entrant, let’s first look at the team itself.

About Flunks NFT

Flunks NFT stands for “Nft,” They are four friends who live across Canada and are Drew, Ervin, and Buddy. The game is incredibly addictive and can motivate children to go to school early. The Flunks NFT game is available for download on the App Store and the Google Play Store. If you’re curious about the team, check out their website!

Flunks are a team of four misfits, and they’re located in various locations throughout Canada. They have a flocked team from KLKTN, a nerdy rap station in Toronto. The members of the Flunks NFT team are Drew, Ervin, and Buddy. The Flunks NFT community is very active, and you can meet a member of the team and play games with them!

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Variety Of Personalities

While the Flunks NFT team is made up of four members in the same city, it has a variety of personalities. Their members come from different parts of Canada, so that they may have very different interests. It is a game for everyone and is designed to foster community and promote social good. Unlike many other similar games, Flunks also encourages early arrival to school, rewarding the earliest students with extra time.

Flunks have several unique NFTs. For example, the Flunks are making school bags of varying rarities and are releasing limited edition pins and keychains with limited editions. In addition to their uniqueness, Flunks also features several collaborations. For instance, they have worked with Pineland and Driverz and collaborated with the band Ballerz. Those who have Ballerz can use their points to become a Flunk x.

Early Arrival and Rewards Players

The Flunks NFT team consists of four players, all from different cities in Canada. The game teaches early arrival and rewards players who arrive on time. For example, the game is educational, and the early-arriving team wins by completing their tasks on time. Aside from this, Flunks also have a social mission to create more awareness. For instance, they can promote healthy living by helping the environment.

Flunks NFT is a game that encourages early arrivals to school by boosting their NFTs. They have a special ability to reward players for being early. As a result, it can also be considered an educational game. The Flunks NFT has two distinct rarity traits: its logo and its name. It is a unique and original way to get noticed on the streets.

In Flunks NFT, the four players are located all across Canada. The Flunks team members include Ervin, Buddy, and Drew. They have the same goal: to collect as many NFTs as possible. The more rare a team member, the higher their prize in the game. A successful flocked player has the advantage in terms of earning rewards. The team has a special ability that boosts the owner’s ability to make money.

Flocked From KLKTN

The Flunks team consists of four members from different parts of Canada. The team flocked from KLKTN and featured the four members, Drew, Ervin, and Buddy. A Flunk is a fun and educational game, and it also enables players to compete with other teams, friends, and other teammates. The game is free, but it does require a subscription to play.

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