How Tall Is Patrick Mahomes The Famous Footballer?

How Tall Is Patrick Mahomes The Famous Footballer?

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Patrick Lavon Mahomes, famously known as Patrick Mahomes, is a renowned football player. He is NFL (National Football League) star. Mahomes started playing in NFL in 2017 but got famous in 2018 when he threw 5097 yards and 50 touchdowns.

Patrick Mahomes has won various awards for his performance in NFL. He also has some records under his belt. Mahomes has signed the second-largest contract in sports history in 2020 with Kansas City Chiefs. He was interested in both football and baseball during his college years but later focused on football. He has become one of the best American footballers of his generation.

Patrick Mahomes has an excellent physique, and he has nice height and is also well built. Although size is not crucial in American football, his height is always in talks. We will tell you how tall is Patrick Mahomes? So, stay with us till the end.

Life Before Football:

Patrick Mahomes was born Patrick Lavon Mahomes in Tyler, Texas. He was born on 17th September 1995. His father is Pat Mahomes, a famous baseball player, and he was a pitcher for MLB.

He went to Whitehouse High school in Texas. He was interested in both football and baseball in his high school and college years. Patrick committed to Texas Tech University in 2014. He was rated a three-star football recruit by, and he was also MaxPreps Male Athlete of the year in 2014.

 Early Career:

He was backup for Davis Webb in his Freshman year at Texas Tech University. He played two games when Davis was injured and did great in his first two games. Mahomes played the second game as a starter, and afterwards, he was kept as a starter for the final three games of that season. Mahomes made a record for himself and threw for 598 yards with six touchdowns and a single interception.

In the Sophomore season, his performance was commendable. He played well in the 2015 season. In that season, he had 4653 yards with 36 touchdowns and 15 interceptions but compared to the last season, and it was low. His baseball career was not promising in 2015 compared to the prior season. He left baseball soon after.

In 2016, he set multiple records on his name. Mahomes set the NCAA single-game total offence record with 819 yards and the NCAA single-game passing record with 734 yards. He set these records on 22nd October 2016 against Oklahoma. Apart from that, both teams set several other records in that game.

Records and Awards In Early Career:


NCAA record: 734 yards single-game passing.

Freshman Big 12 record: 598 yards with six touchdowns and one interception in a single game.

NCAA record: 819 yards single game offence.

NCAA record for most combined yards of total offence with Baker Mayfield.


MaxPreps Male Athlete of the Year for 2013-14.

Won Sammy Baugh Trophy in 2016 for being the top college passer of the year.

NFL Drafting:

He was the fastest rising prospect during the year 2017. He was 1st or 2nd round pick of most of the scouts during the 2017 draft. Kansas City Chiefs selected him in the first round in the year 2017, and he is also the first quarterback selected by Kansas City Chiefs in 1st round.

As a quarterback, he was ranked second by Si. For ESPN, he was the 3rd best quarterback, and in the ranking, he was the 4th best quarterback. Patrick has the fastest passes recorded there, and the speed of the pass was 60 mph.

Mahomes signed a contract with Kansas City Chiefs in 2017. He signed the contract for four years. His contract was worth $ 16.42 million, and it also included a $ 10.08 million signing bonus.

Professional Career:

First Game:

He played his first match for the Chiefs against Denver Broncos as a starter in 2017. He was playing in place of Alex Smith because he was resting in that game. Chiefs won the game with 27 – 24. He finished the game with 284 yards completing 22 passes out of 35 and also one interception.

Season 2018:

Kansas City Chiefs traded Smith in 2018, and therefore the team owners promoted Mahomes to starter spot. He beat Los Angeles Chargers by 38 – 28 in his first game as starting quarterback.

Mahomes was back-to-back AFC Offensive Player of the week. His performance in September 2018 also won him the AFC offensive player of the month award.

Mahomes became the second quarterback in history to throw 5000 yards and 50 touchdowns. He was among the seven NFL players to pass 5000 yards in a single season, and he also made a record in the second week of the season with his fifth touchdown. Mahomes became the quarterback with the most touchdowns in his first three career games. He also broke the NFL record for the most touchdown passes in the first two weeks with his sixth touchdown.

The Chiefs led the season with a 12 – 4 record and won the division title for the third time. Mahomes won multiple awards for his performance in the season. Mahomes was named for Pro Bowl 2019, was also named First-Team All-Pro and ranked as the fourth-best player by peers on the NFL Top 100 Players list of 2019.


Back-to-back AFC Offensive Player of the week.

AFC Offensive Player of the month (September).

Best NFL Player ESPY Award 2019.

AFC Offensive Player of the year.

Most Valuable Player 2019:

He led his team with 4 – 0 wins but injured himself in the 7th week, but he dislocated his patella, but the injury was not serious. He made a comeback in just two weeks after the injury.

In his first four matches, Patrick scores ten touchdowns with zero interceptions. In the 16th week, he won over Chicago Bears and then mocked the team for not picking him in the 2017 draft by counting to 10 on fingers.

Kansas City Chiefs ended the season with 12 – 4 records for the second time. Mahomes then completed the season with 26 touchdowns and 4031 yards, with only five interceptions. The team won the fourth consecutive division title.

Kansas Chiefs also secured their first victory in 50 years against the San Francisco 49ers. Mahomes passed for 286 yards and two touchdowns. He also ran for one touchdown with 29 yards. Mahomes led his time into Super Bowl for the first time after 1970. He was the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player in the year 2019.

2020 Season & Contract:

Mahomes was the most valuable player for the team, and therefore he got the second most valuable contact in sports for $ 503 million. The contract is for ten years, from 2021 to 2031.

Mahomes completed the season with 4740 yards passing and 38 touchdowns with six interceptions. He completed 10,000 career yards in the 34th game to become the fastest quarterback ever to do so. Hence, he was awarded AFC Offensive Player of the Month in November.

Patrick’s first double-digit loss came at the hand of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Super Bowl LV. Chiefs lost with 3 – 31. After three days, he went for a surgery that he faced against the Browns.

Current Season:

Mahomes faced his first loss in September at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens. He also threw the first interception this month.

How Tall Is Patrick Mahomes?

The question, “How tall is Patrick Mahomes?” is asked around a lot. The height of the player doesn’t matter in American football, but people have an obsession with his height. They want to know about his size eagerly.

Mahomes is 1.91 meters tall. He is a well-built power machine. At the time of his selection, his height was 1.88 meters and his weight at 225 pounds. He was one strong man to be part of the Kansas City Chiefs and made a big name for himself.

Net Worth:

People want to know about the net worth of their favourite stars, as it motivates them. Mahomes is a renowned NFL star and a massive deal in American football. He has a net worth of $ 40 million and also has guaranteed $ 503 million in 10 years from his contract.

He is a wealthy star, and this is just the start of his career. His net worth estimation is the most asked question about him after the question “how tall is Patrick Mahomes?”. So, now you know the net worth of your famous star.


Patrick Mahomes has enjoyed a star-studded career and will keep on enjoying it like that for a guaranteed ten years. He has made a name for himself in American football with his efforts and hard work. He has been on top of his game all his career. It is just the start for him.

Mahomes has earned various awards in his three-year career and will gain many more with his devotion to football. He has a guaranteed ten-year contract with the Kansas City Chiefs that picked him in the draft of 2017.

This article gave a glimpse at the career of this American footballer. We wrote some highlights of his career and also told you how tall is Patrick Mahomes? We also gave information about his net worth.