Want to Make Your Videos Look More Professional and Appealing? Follow These Tips:

Want to Make Your Videos Look More Professional and Appealing? Follow These Tips:

June 13, 2022 0 By admin


Videos are one of the most-used content creation forms. From short-duration videos to long ones, brands, companies, and even individuals create videos for numerous purposes. For instance, brands and companies make and use how to turn a video into a live photo as a medium to market their goods and services. Besides this, influencers create videos on different platforms like Instagram, YouTube, etc., to earn their livelihood. According to Medium, video is the most engaging type of content.

Creating top-tier videos garners traction, enhances reach, and facilitates companies and individuals to create a fanbase. Besides this, making and sharing videos is an effective way of building connections and educating the masses. Since videos are so popular, creators need to implement useful methods following which they can create better-looking videos to stand out from the rest of the competition. To ensure that every creator creates top-notch videos with or without top-notch gear, this article will shed light on some of the most useful tricks following which individuals can make their videos look more appealing and professional. Let us dive right into it:

Follow a Well-Written Script

One of the first steps involved in creating a video with a professional appeal is following a good script. Without a good script, creating a video that connects with the target audience is not possible. For instance, if you are shooting a video for a brand synonymous with elegance, it would be best to begin by writing a script that goes well with the brand’s offerings. If the video you wish to create consists of only aesthetic shots and not much audio, you should plan every shot by writing it down. Doing so will ensure that the video you create has all the right elements to make it look more professional.

Add Appealing Visual Elements

Even though creating a generic video where you talk about the offerings of the brand or company may achieve the target in terms of engagement and reach, it may not seem professional. An effective way to enhance the appeal of your video and make it look more professional is to add visual elements such as live photos, video clips, or GIFs related to the company’s offerings. This will enhance the appeal of your video and inform the audience about the brand’s products or services clearly.

There are numerous ways to add appealing visual elements to your videos. For instance, you can try turning a clip into a live photo and adding it to your video. If you are wondering how to turn a video into a live photo, there are numerous ways to do it. For example, if you are an iPhone user, you can use Live Photos feature to convert video clips into live pictures. In contrast, if you use an Android smartphone, you can use IntoLive application to convert photos into live images.

Add Subtitles

If you want your video to be accessible to more people, you must add subtitles. Subtitles are generally intended for individuals who do not have a firm grasp of the language used in a video. They make it easy for the audience to fully understand a video’s context. Besides this, they also make a video look more professional and appealing. There are numerous editing tools available that facilitate users to add subtitles automatically. Hence, you can use a suitable one to automate the process and avoid the time-consuming process of adding subtitles manually. However, if you wish to add subtitles to your video manually, you can use the subtitle-adding feature present in most video-editing applications.

Use Light Sensibly

Whether it is a picture or video, light plays a crucial role in determining whether the video is professional-looking or not. Hence, while shooting a video, you should use light properly to ensure that the video turns out great. Depending on the content you have to shoot, you can choose a specific time to shoot your video. For instance, if you require bright, natural light, you should consider shooting in the morning or afternoon. The sun will be your best ally since it will provide you with all the light you need.

In contrast, if you require softer light, it would be best to start shooting after the sun’s light gets soft, i.e., post afternoon or in the evening. Besides natural light, you can also shoot the video in a studio by using artificial lights. Depending on the objective, you should use light sensibly. Even though too little light can spoil the video’s appeal, too much light can sabotage the visual elements present in the video. Hence, be mindful while using light.

Creating a professional-looking video depends more on the techniques and tricks you follow than the tools you use. Hence, if you wish to make a video that offers a professional appeal, follow the tips mentioned above.

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