I Simply Have to Tell Everyone About PanOxyl Spot Patches

I Simply Have to Tell Everyone About PanOxyl Spot Patches

March 25, 2022 0 By admin

I’ve always had acne to some degree during my life, but what I’ve tended to find is that all the good work I’ve tried to put into reducing breakouts would be undone each night as I rolled around asleep. So, you could say that I’d learned to live with it, but only until I decided to give PanOxyl spot patches a try. 

For anyone who hasn’t ever used or heard of them, they’re basically patches for acne that contain a magic formula to protect the skin and promote healing. I’m not going to lie, I’ve heard all the sales patter from many companies claiming to offer something that could help me, so I didn’t get my hopes up unduly. 

They Stopped Me Picking!

Up until I used PanOxyl spot patches for the first time, my usual morning would involve waking up to that familiar moist, yet painful feeling that could only mean one thing. I’d scratched one of my spots during my sleep. The morning after, however, that feeling was missing. I thought to myself “It couldn’t have worked, could it?” and even repeated it out loud, as I moved my hand over the 4 or 5 patches I’d placed around my torso. 

It would seem that these patches, which were reassuringly thick and cushioned, had stayed in place all night and stopped me from scratching and picking!

Hydrocolloid Dressing Helps a Lot!

After finding such promising results at the first time of asking, I did a little reading into the product and it’s apparently the hydrocolloid dressing that does much of the work. I can attest first-hand that it definitely speeds up healing, as after 2-3 nights, it became less painful to lie on my back – a very welcome sign indeed. 

Another thing that makes these nifty little spot patches so good at what they do is they’re absorbent enough to deal with any secretions that come out during the night. Usually, this would get rubbed onto my bed sheets and spread around, but now it’s kept under the patch where it can’t do any harm.

Of course, I’m using these PanOxyl spot patches in conjunction with my usual skin routine – as I just can’t get away with leaving it too long, but they’ve made the whole experience much less unpleasant and for that I’m very grateful. 

Take It From Me – These Spot Patches Are Awesome

I’ve only been using PanOxyl spot patches for a couple of months now, but I’ve got nothing but good things to say about them. These great little patches have worked in a way that nothing has before, so if you’re struggling to contain your acne – on your body or your face – I have no qualms about recommending you use the same product as I did. 

You’ll find 1,001 one things online that say they will help you control acne, but many don’t account for what happens during the night. These patches, however, are comfortable, easy to put on and give me all the protection I need, all night long.

I’m no acne expert (other than having it), but I can tell you that these spot patches are awesome and I’m pretty sure that if you’re like me, you’ll love them too. 

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