How to use Inflact for beginners to build a huge following

How to use Inflact for beginners to build a huge following

December 8, 2022 0 By admin

Get ready to upgrade your dated social media strategy and utilize Instagram to its fullest potential for profit-generating activities. This untapped platform is perfect for promoting your company, expanding your following, and interacting with them. However, adopting simple Instagram marketing strategies Inflact (such as running contests and buying advertisements) won’t be enough to put you on top. It’s time to gain the crucial knowledge necessary to play the Instagram game like a pro.

Learn how to use Inflact, a contemporary tool for Instagram promotion.

Are you prepared to begin? How to utilize Inflact for business is as follows:

If your service or product is found by users who are looking for it, selling or otherwise making money from your account on this social platform is straightforward, alternatively, to users who might be interested but haven’t looked for it yet. One option is to start a marketing strategy that deftly pinpoints your target market, unconditionally reaches out to them and gently persuades them to work with you.

Thanks to the automation of all operations, you can manage your Instagram account marketing easily with the Inflact service. Utilize all of the Inflact’s modules to uncover the potential of your Instagram business.


It is necessary to use a VPN (a virtual private network) when using something that is automated. Using a VPN, you may protect your IP and confidential your current whereabouts. Instagram users can get beyond the app’s restrictions thanks to this trick. We advise using a VPN while activating any module that requires authorization from Inflact, such as DM, Promo, and Posting.

A VPN is what? This virtual private network conceals your IP and the traffic coming from your browser or application. The important thing is that your IP address cannot be the same as the one that your device has in the application or on Inflact; therefore, utilizing a VPN is necessary to create a single IP for both you and your robot.

A VPN is excellent because…

With one VPN, you may control numerous Instagram accounts. The automatic promotion operates considerably more quickly with a VPN. You may prevent being blocked by Instagram by using a VPN. The social media algorithm detects automated advertisements when it discovers that your account administration and promotional activity are carried out from several locations. Instagram in your area is unblocked by it.

Specific of Instagram features are prohibited in some places or groups. No matter where you are on the earth, a VPN will allow you to access Instagram shops, the music function, or any other feature that is blocked in your region.

By encapsulating your data, a VPN is a tool that will increase the level of your online security. Regardless of whether they have anything to hide, any Instagrammer who values security should always browse the web while using a VPN. Therefore, you can purchase the VPN subscription in your dashboard if you plan to use Inflact and promote your Instagram like a pro.

filters for exact targeting

Select the gender of the profiles you want to target. Include any languages that your audience may know. You may even specify which profiles or accounts the promotion bot should target (this feature may assist you in excluding competing businesses or major influencers who are likely to be overwhelmed by page activity and won’t see your promotion activity).

Here, you may select how many likes you want the robot to post on your behalf to the accounts in your target market. Additionally, you can allow Story views of the Stories from the target user’s profile here. It may peruse the Stories of 2,000 targeted individuals per day. What a wonder! When your account appears in the list of viewers, they will see it and may be intrigued. In you right now. Always remember that every filter, like, or action you place here adds a new movement to the algorithm used by the promotion robot.

Based on your applied filters—such as nicknames, hashtags, and locations—the bot will follow accounts. Additionally, based on the criteria you select in the settings, it will unfollow users. There are various ways to unfollow:

Delete any new Inflact followers. The bot will stop following all the accounts it had subscribed to on your behalf—Unfollow new Inflact followers who don’t reciprocate. If you choose this strategy, the bot will unfollow everyone who hasn’t followed you back since Inflact began advertising.

Unfollow everyone. You will stop following everyone you have done so on Instagram since you started.

Remove all non-mutual followers. You will delete from your following list any accounts that have not followed you since the beginning. When you set up the bot, it won’t immediately unsubscribe from everyone; instead, it will do it gradually over three days. This makes it easier to mimic human behavior.

Resting and Night Pauses are additional safety measures that ensure the Inflact bot behaves in a natural manner. The bot will work during the day and then take a break, just like a natural person. The bot won’t interact with accounts at night, either. On the Promo dashboard, you can view these activity metrics in real-time.

What does the promotion robot do, and how does it do it?


Imagine that your profile has been set up with all your automatic promotion goals. Your robot is now moving to profiles that, for example, have been looking for silver jewelry. If you apply other parameters, such as gender and follower count, the robot must verify them before acting on your behalf and viewing or following stories.

The number of actions from your account will rise as a result of these filters. Additionally, this will lower the number of reports the robot will crawl daily because it is required to abide by Instagram’s daily action restrictions. The optimal strategy is to utilize as few filters and actions as possible while concentrating on your core objective. Promotion automation targets

The Promo robot for Instagram basically functions as follows:

Safe start in stage one. When you initially link a new account to the Promo module, the indicator “Safe start” will appear. The bot won’t do anything for the first 48 hours except visit the arrangements you’ve designated as its target. After a safe start, it will start watching Stories, enjoying them, and following other users just like they would.

Stage #2: Inactive for the first seven days. The Promo tool will do little natural activities that are focused on safety during the first week of the campaign. The metrics for the Dashboard will show you how the activities grow over time.

Full-time promotion at stage three. The bot will carry out the most significant number of actions after the safety period, including watching Stories, following target accounts, and loving their content.

Instagram won’t flag your conduct as suspicious because of the wisely expanded scope of your actions. But you must also make sure the VPN we provide is configured. The bot will occasionally take more steps, while other times, it will merely watch Stories. This clever algorithm will react similarly to actual Instagram users: you don’t use Instagram as frequently as they do, after all.

Remember that the bot will view Stories and like posts more frequently than it will follow users. Once more, this tactic was develop to protect your account. Compared to following, Instagram is less sensitive to watching and liking Stories.

Helpful information can be shared via bulk messaging.

Sending a friendly message with helpful information is recommended when sending mass texts. Don’t immediately try to load people’s Direct messages with overtly commercial or sales-relate information. Simply share something that will be extremely helpful to your followers using this function.

You have numerous options for filtering the recipients of your messages:

  • Using language. Inflact’s AI recognizes the language of the posts on their accounts.
  • Through gender. With your mailout, you can keep your attention on one gender.
  • By the number of fans. When a page receives a lot of followers, its Direct is overrun by similar messages. Try not to message Instagram followers who are very well-known.
  • By the following number. A lot of accounts following one another may indicate that a bot is operating on the page.
  • The number of posts. The more active the customer, the less likely it is that he will notice your activity on his profile.
  • They were just update. Updates recently are evidence that the account is active.
  • For Instagram sales, use the Direct module as your CRM.

Your engaged community is anticipating great discounts. People who have purchased from you, engaged with your material, or asked you a question once are all hot prospects who DM will entertain. You can access a complete CRM system in your direct messages by opening your Direct module on a computer:

Label your active customers and followers. Apply labels to your dialogue filters. Make a Quick-reply with the deal text you want to provide to the clients who are now active. Include a shortcut. The whole message with your deal will be display on the screen as soon as you begin typing the shortcut. Do this for every person in the identified group.

Utilize this approach to Engage your community’s active members, customers, and followers. Use DM to distribute discounts and discount vouchers while sitting at your computer. Create labels for various client marketing groups, or use tags to assign clients to other teams.

Set up a label for “hot clients,” “happy clients,” “unhappy clients,” “waiting to be answer,” or “waiting for a size,” for example. Increase your CRM potential within the social media platform.

Include the promotion

Set auto-replies for the groups with labels. You can automatically respond to the first messages from particular client groups. Their messages won’t vanish from your busy DM as a result. What you should do is: Visit the Auto-replies module of Inflact Direct. From the menu in the top right corner, select Reply to First Message.

Select the label you’ll use to indicate the users in the desired group. The message should be typed. Insert pictures and emoticons.

Label configuration in Direct Messenger:

  • Visit Direct Messager.
  • Select a thread.
  • Tap the arrow next to the user’s account name.
  • Edit the profile’s description.
  • Include any labels you require.
  • include notes


Increase the popularity of your Instagram Gallery and the visibility of your posts! By organizing and scheduling posts in advance in your profile, Inflact Posting Module will save you time. It makes it possible to post on Instagram using a computer, a smartphone, or any other device.


What if you could hack Instagram and get 50 times more impressions with only one easy trick? The Hashtag Generator is central to everything. In 2021, there is no easier or more logical way to master the art of hashtagging. Simply enter one, and you’ll receive 300 pertinent words for your Instagram promotion in a short amount of time. Let’s examine proper usage.

How to use a picture, url, or keyword(s) to get relevant hashtags:

Enter a keyword that relates to the subject of your account, upload a picture you want to share with a hashtag caption, or Add hashtags to a photo by pasting the URL of the image.

Click Search.

Select the hashtags that are closely relevant to the theme of your account or the post’s concept.

Just click Copy in the box where the hashtags are check.

Add hashtags to any location you like.

Here are A few pointers for making the most of hashtags:

1. Employ significant hashtags

Instagram users occasionally fail to use relevant and apparent hashtags. They make an effort to exclusively employ specific, unique hashtags that are closely related to the interests of their audience. We suggest using both broad, significant hashtags and precise, focused hashtags. For instance, more specific would be #designernecklace925, whereas joint would be #silverjewelry.

2. Avoid using just well-known, well-liked hashtags

Numerous times are spent using popular hashtags. Each new post, including them, quickly becomes “one more among thousands” and only briefly occupies the top spot. Use 9–10 popular and inclusive hashtags per caption. Famous hashtag examples are # jewelry and #silver.

3. Substitute all 30 hashtags for each post.

Each hashtag can potentially increase your reach by at least three times. Each of them comes to you with its group of people. Give it your all!

4. Use Inflact Scheduled Posting to update the hashtags underneath your posts.

Using programme caption updates, we can automatically add new hashtags and remove any outdate ones from your caption a few hours after it has been post.

How can the caption auto-update be enabled?

  • Open your Cabinet and click the Posting tab.
  • Select Add Content.
  • Add the first set of hashtags (famous hashtags) after moving the picture, then tap Auto-update.
  • The second set of hashtags should be written (unique and narrow).
  • Any moment you choose as the change time, 10 seconds to 4 hours.
  • Post now or save this entry for automatic publication later.
  • Your caption will automatically update.

Baseline analyzer

Utilize the Profile Analyzer to find the most popular Instagram profiles and posts. So this AI tool examines every aspect of an Instagram profile. It offers you helpful measurements and graphs that can be seen. And all of them, including engagement rate, the best time to post, the most popular comments and likes, etc., will aid in your promotion and the creation of new ideas.

Your niche’s most prominent competitors, industry leaders, and TOP profiles are analyze here. Neither downloading nor registering the tool is require.

Describe the operation of Instagram Profile Analyzer.

The number of followers, engagement rate, average user activity, posts per day, week, and month, number of uploads, most popular post time, top hashtags used, maximum caption words, audience interests, most commented posts, and most liked posts are the 13 metrics that Inflact collects and analyses for Instagram profiles. Inflact offers you infographics for your convenience and to aid in better comprehension.

Utilizing the Profile Analyzer:

  • Enter the competitor’s @username directly into the Profile Analyzer tool.
  • Wait 30 seconds, and the program will display the analysis findings.
  • Just scroll down to uncover a grid of the most popular posts from every Instagram profile, along with engagement rates, popular post times, and more.
  • Those looking for the secret to success should be aware of this knowledge.
  • By selecting the “More” option, you can view these publications directly on Instagram.

Advanced instagram search

The best way to use Instagram for market research, talent scouting, and influencer advertising opportunities is with advanced Instagram search. It would be best if you first took specific actions before launching a successful Instagram promotion campaign.

It happens far too frequently when someone throws a tonne of mud at something that doesn’t work simply because people don’t understand how to utilize it properly. I want to show you how to use Inflact so that you can achieve actual, gratifying, and even unexpected outcomes.

To begin with, you must register for an account on Inflact (сслкa на ред.стат). Then things really start to get interesting!

Fix your targeting presets first!

The “search scope” must be specified for any marketing campaign. And with Inflact, you may focus your search on location, usernames, and hashtags. That is the common set of standards that will help you focus on your TA.

1. Locate the Your Account tab on the Dashboard and click


The #Hashtags section is the first line; click it. As you can see, Inflact pre-sets a few hashtags. Based on your most recent posts, clever Inflact algorithms define them. And you have the option to erase them by tapping or do nothing:)

With a comma or semicolon, add the hashtags that your TA would use. And do not worry; Inflact will provide you with some hints; simply begin entering.

Go to the second line and click Locations. So put a comma or semicolon in front of the location where your TA is intend to snap photos.

Select the third-line Usernames by clicking there. And you must fill out this field with the specific usernames of the people whose audience you want to reach. So indicate the users with whom Inflact should interact: by checking the box, followers, followings, likes, and comments.

Done! As you begin the promotion process, ensure all the enable functionalities are turn on.


Locate the Functions tab, which is immediately above the Targeting section. The first one is Like; make sure it is turn on because a green checkmark will be present.

By liking your target demographic, you encourage individuals to visit your profile, which increases your chance of success by 50%.


Locate the Functions tab, which is immediately above the Targeting section. So the second one is Follow; make sure it is turn on; a green checkmark will appear. But followers elicit followers. And more people will follow you if you follow more people.

AND “FOLLOW,” too!

The Functions tab can be found directly above the Targeting section. And unfollow is the third one; make sure it is turn on; a green check will appear. Do you need that? Over time, the number of your followers will eventually match or exceed the number of your followers (due to the automatic following.) That does not give your potential supporters the finest first impression. So be sure to turn the option on.

A free hashtag generator is used!

You can use the cutting-edge Hashtags Generator powered by AI thanks to Inflact. And it can produce one of three lists of hashtags:But  depending on their use and level of relevance, hashtags can be categoris as relate, specialize, or non-niche. So, how do you utilize it?

You may find it on the home page in the Hashtag generator or Tools sections, which are located at the top of the page.

You can upload a photo to produce hashtags by choosing Browse, selecting the image, and then selecting Upload and Generate Hashtags.

If you wish to create hashtags using a URL, copy the URL of any Instagram post, paste it, then click “Generate Hashtags.”

If you’d like to produce them using a keyword, Enter a pertinent one, then click “Generate Hashtags” to post it.

In this method, you may both get appropriate tags for your postings and save some valuable time.


Monitoring your account data is essential, even if you’re just starting with Instagram promotion. You are provided complete information about Inflact’s performance and the overall status of the promotion process. The primary benefit of Inflact is the visualization of all the data, including the number of followers, likes, comments, unfollowers, and views on stories.

Select Statistics under the Your Account Tab on the Dashboard (near the Targeting).

And you can view Inflact’s analysis of the promotional campaign and, if necessary, some recommendations by scrolling down (under the Graph).