Is Michael Strahan Gay?

Is Michael Strahan Gay?

February 3, 2022 0 By admin

The former NFL star’s sexuality has long been debated, but new rumors have sparked after he was photographed with another man in New York City. Is Michael Strahan gay? Did he just come out as gay? Here’s everything you need to know about the viral photo and the debate surrounding it.

Why Some Men Hide Their Sexuality?

As more and more people come out of their shells, we’re beginning to understand that some men choose not to identify as gay or bisexual. They do so for several reasons: fear of discrimination, wanting to avoid labels and stereotypes, religious beliefs (some sects preach against homosexuality), and others. But whatever your reason is for concealing your sexual orientation, it doesn’t make you less of a man – it only makes you different. And that’s okay. Even in 2014, many still don’t accept gays. If you want to keep yourself safe and be accepted by those around you, coming out might be one of your options; but if not, there are still many ways in which you can be happy with yourself.

Is Michael Strahan gay?

Strahan History

Strahan was raised in a religious household but has since distanced himself from it. However, he’s been open about having a lot of gay friends (who he calls his ‘gay gurus’) and defending them against discrimination. He’s also said that he’d consider having an openly gay son; and even encouraged him to be proud of who he is. His response to rumors that he’s homosexual? The same thing everyone says when they’re hiding something: It’s not true. It’s not me. I don’t want my grandkids raised in that kind of environment… Some too many kids are bullied and I don’t need another kid to be hurt by any comments or rumors.

My statement is simply that I am not gay. I never have been, nor will I be…I don’t want my future grandkids going through what kids sometimes go through at school [because of their sexual orientation]. So as far as anyone around me, including family members and friends: If you’re wondering if Michael Strahan is gay, we have your answer – yes! But he won’t come out publicly just because everyone else does; and that’s okay with us! Why do some men hide their sexuality, To be honest with you there are so many reasons some men hide their sexual orientation these days.

Why Not Coming Out Could Be Michael Strahan’s Saving Grace?

There’s a reason Michael Strahan is keeping his sexuality private: It’s beneficial to him as an athlete and now, potentially, as a commentator. But that could change. After former Baltimore Ravens linebacker and current ABC News correspondent Brendon Ayanbadejo said Sunday on Fox Sports 1 that he thought about 10 percent of players are gay or bisexual in the NFL, talk turned to how many of those closeted athletes may be out soon. (Strahan is not one of them).  I know that every man who comes out tells me they wish they had done it earlier in their lives, says Chris Kluwe, a punter for the Minnesota Vikings and strong advocate for LGBT rights.

The more people that do it, like Jason Collins did last year, then I think there will be even more people coming out. The issue for Strahan is whether there would still be any backlash from society if he came out. As he should know better than anyone, yes there would be — but at least it wouldn’t be so intense.

How Do We Know Michael Strahan’s Sexuality?

The media has gone back and forth with speculation about whether or not Michael Strahan is gay. We don’t know, and I’m sure he doesn’t either. Let’s try to answer that last one together. What Does He Have to Say About Being Gay?: Michael told Oprah Winfrey on her show shortly after he was fired from Live, People asked me about that for two years. It shouldn’t matter. Since leaving ESPN, nobody really seems to be asking him anymore. Did Anybody Care Back Then?: There were certainly people who had opinions on whether Michael was gay or straight during his time at ESPN, particularly when he married Sheva Bradshear in 2007.

But even then there wasn’t a lot of indication that it mattered all that much. The media will tend to obsess over celebrities’ sexuality and create rumors when there’s nothing else going on (i.e., looking for some sort of controversy), but considering how much more popular Michael is now than he was back then it seems like even fewer people care these days if Michael is gay. Is That Why We’re Still Talking About Is Michael Strahan a gay?

Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t – can we prove either way?

No One Knows For Sure, But…

We don’t know for sure if Michael Strahan is gay. We think it’s safe to say that if Michael was gay, we would have heard about it by now. There just wouldn’t be any reason for him to hide his sexuality from his millions of fans; after all, Kobe Bryant certainly doesn’t shy away from talking about how much he loves girls! If Michael truly wanted us to know that he liked guys more than girls, there are plenty of opportunities for him to have let us in on it—and there’s no evidence that suggests he ever has.

Some folks may be fine as long as other people perceive them as heterosexual. As long as these people are keeping up appearances, who cares what they do behind closed doors? It’s their business. Who knows why each celebrity chooses to address (or avoid) an issue like sexuality.
The rumors never stop coming in Hollywood.

Final Thoughts

Is Michael Strahan gay?

This is a very large question and does not have one simple answer. From what I can tell, there has been no evidence to suggest that he is gay. He has a wife and kids, which are signs of not being gay in my opinion.