Life of Trinidad Marin

Life of Trinidad Marin

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Jose Trinidad Marin is the ex-husband of famous singer Jenni Rivera. She is a famous singer and has worked in the music industry for years, and she is also a writer and actress. Throughout her career, Jenni has won many awards. Jennie died in an accident in 2012, leaving five children behind. She has a sister Rosie Rivera, a major figure in the Marin case. She was sexually abused by her brother-in-law multiple times, and he also assaulted her. Jose also mistreated both of his daughters.

Childhood and Early Life

Jose Trinidad Marin, also known by the public as Trino Marin, was born in California, United States of America. Trino was born on 15th February 1964 and is currently 58 years old. He was born in a Mexican family and had strong Mexican roots. His family follows Christianity, and he is also a devoted follower of the religion. He has a physical appearance of a Mexican man. Jose has finished high school and then started his career, doing various jobs.

Marin and Rivera were in high school when they first met. They fell in love with each other at a ripe age. The love escalated and resulted in the form of their marriage. Jose proposed to her when she was in her early teens. She was pregnant with her first daughter Chiquis when she was just fifteen years old. They were married in 1984, and a year later, God blessed them with their first child. Although Jenni was in high school, she took care of her daughter well.

Their marriage came to an end in 1992 due to Marin’s behaviour. He was an abusive man. They married in 1984 when Jennie was 15 years old, and Jose was 20 years old. The marriage didn’t work and ended after eight years. There was also a lawsuit between the two for custody of their children. Jenni won the court war, and Court gave the custody of the children to her. Jos was abusive towards her daughter and even to his sister-in-law. He assaulted them many times.

Trino was a normal man, living a normal life. He became part of the news for being the ex of the famous singer and actress Jenni Rivers. Both were married for eight years, but it ended tragically. He also became a highlight when police put him on assault charges him. In early life, he did many jobs to earn a lively hood; Rivera lived a normal life back then. He was a manager at a Mexican-American hotel after his marriage. He earns great from his work and has no business of his own.

Trinidad Marin loves Music and travelling. He likes adventures, as revealed by his family. Most of his details were revealed y his eldest daughter when she published her book. Jose kept his life pretty private. People know very little about his private life and also his family. The names of his parents and siblings are not known till now. Trino was from a loving family but turned into a violent and abusive man in the later stages of his life.

Jose’s Lawsuit and Trial

Jose is a terrible man and is currently serving time in jail for his acts. The public and his wife became aware of his crime in 1997 after five years of his divorce. Rosie Rivera’s sister of Jenni Rivera, told the public about his acts and crimes. She told the public about his assaults and abuses. He was abusing his sister-in-law and two daughters and also hurt them. Jenni filed a lawsuit against him, but he soon flew away to Riverside.

Trino was on the run for almost nine years. Police caught him in 2006 after nine years of search. He was living in Riverside country with a new identity. Jose was sentenced to 9 years of prison, but later Court gave him 31 years of a sentence for his crimes. He is currently in prison serving for his crimes; there was also news that he is getting out of prison, but it was just rumoured. He is serving time in prison for his crimes against his own family.

Chiquis forgive his father on the day he is sent to jail for 31 years. She accepted her father’s crime in Court and said that she had forgiven her father for what he did. Chiquis further told the court that she loved her father after all he did. She told her story through her book “Forgiveness”. The book tells the story of her father’s crime against her and her younger sister. The book also reveals that she has forgiven him.

Chiquis and her father

Chiquis, the elder daughter of Trinidad Marin, often talks about her relationship with her father. She said in an interview that her father would abuse her, and she could not do anything. Chiquis told about an instance when she was bathing, and he came inside. She recalls that she was naked and didn’t like what her father was doing, but she could not do anything. He later told her not to tell anyone, or he will send her away from her mother.

She said in the book that it was all happening in her own home by her father, and she was not able to do anything. She said she would not resist hoping that I would all end soon. It was a difficult time for her and her sister. Both have forgiven their father. Jacqueline met her father in prison in 2017, but Chiquis refuses to meet her. She says that she will not meet him until he begs her for forgiveness.


This article is Trinidad Marin‘s story famous as Trino Marin. He is in jail for his crimes against his own family and will not get out soon. People hate him for his crimes and don’t want him out of jail. His personal life has been private, and people don’t know much about it. Chiquis, his daughter, told most things about him and their relationship. Her book reveals much about their family and also their relationship with each other.