Old Grannies and Tiktok

Old Grannies and Tiktok

January 29, 2022 0 By admin

Old grannies are getting pretty famous on Tiktok. There was a time people thought that older people were not fun, but TikTok is changing the game. Even older adults are getting famous over these social media apps. Along with them getting notable old people trends are also getting popular. Tiktok is showing how your grandparents can be fun. Cool grandparents on social media are stealing the show with their tactics.

Tiktok and older people are fun together. When you mix just the right amount of both, you get magic at your hands. Not only in America but all around the world, older people are taking over TikTok. Ancient remedies are one way to show their talent to the world. Let’s learn more about older people and how they are getting famous on social media.

Cool Grand Parents

So, TikTok is a place where people expect the unexpected. There are guys out there who make TikTok videos with their grandparents in such a way that people love it. Take an example of Ross Smith; his TikTok and other videos on social media platforms have given him so much popularity because of his grandma. There is also another tiktoker who plays pranks on his grandma, and the opposite also happens. They are also pretty famous on TikTok.

Leonora Sangalang is also another famous tiktoker. She is just 78 years old and pretty famous on TikTok and Instagram. Leonora has more than a million followers on the social media platform. She takes regular kitchen work and turns it into a pretty dance. Lady performs several TikTok challenges online and her dancing, so people love her move. She is getting very famous every day as more people live what she does. Her grandchild created her account during the pandemic, and she made the most out of it during the lockdown. Her grandson is responsible for her immense stardom.

Another example of cool grandmas from social media is the 87-year-old Grandma Bobbe. She is a big TikTok sensation because she has more than a million followers. She also has an account on Instagram and Facebook. Her grandson captures her video in the daily routine of life, and people love her. She is a cool grandma, and there is no doubt about it.

Just like these, there are several old grannies on social media that are famous for their incredible nature. So, people love their superb style and different tactics for doing things. Social media has an immense love and respect for older people and follow a lot. People love them because they show them the authentic colors of old age and how joyful it can be. Cute relations of grandmas with her kids also attract people.

Fashion and Oldies

Have you seen the most fashion-able grandmas online? Have you seen grandpa, the fashion icon of the internet? If you haven’t seen it all, you are missing a lot of things. There are grannies and grandpa in the internet world that are famous for their fashion because their fashion is out of the ordinary. Older people in modern costumer, carrying gray hairs with colorful attire, forget everything. So, people love their fashion sense and their dresses.

One grandpa was famous because he had a look of a true gentleman. His eyes didn’t match his age because he looked too young for his age. Yasmina Rossi, a famous fashion model, is notable because she is 59 years of age. Yes, she is 66 years old but looks nothing like it because she has maintained perfect shape. This old model has a significant following on social media due to her extensive and extraordinary looks.

Allesandro Mandredini, is a 48 years old model, is considered the most stylish grandpa. He is a fashion icon online and famous for his looks. Allesandro has thousands of followers on Instagram. He also has a huge fan following on TikTok. So, fashion is also making old grannies and grandpas famous.


Some grannies are famous because of their genius remedies. Old remedies are pretty favorite worldwide, especially Indian treatments are exceptional. Homemade remedies for different reasons are a popular search over the internet. Old grannies that share their hamade recipes are very famous on the internet. Tiktok audience has a huge liking for grannies with genius homemade remedies because such remedies solve their problems at home.

Hair loss is a problem that the whole world is facing. People want easy and homemade solutions for these problems. Because people are annoyed by these problems, the hamade remedies for hair loss are pretty famous on TikTok. Grandmas teach people about the old medications they used to make their hair grow.

Other remedies like skincare remedies are also famous. There are hundreds of channels and accounts of Indian grandmothers on social media platforms. They share their genius and easy-to-follow treatments, and people love them. They have millions of followers online that follow their remedies and praise their genius idea. Not just for such things, but their medicines are also for diseases. People who get healthy then further share their accounts.

So, remedies are also a way through which old grannies are getting famous on the internet—people lobe the fantastic techniques that give them favorable results. Internet is a crazy place crazy things get famous quickly, so the craziest the method, the more it gets recognized. Some remedies have even proven harmful, but their popularity is not getting low—instead, it’s increasing day by day.


So, old grannies were considered boring in the past, but now the internet is praising them. The cool side of old age amazes people, and also, their fantastic idea to solve problems is unmatchable. 5 min craft videos are one thing, but older people share top-class remedies. You will have to give a chance to your grandma and make a video with her. Who knows, the grandma you get annoyed from might get you famous? So, what are you waiting for? Get up, get your camera and start creating videos.