SmiHub – Instagram Story Downloader Guide & Review

SmiHub – Instagram Story Downloader Guide & Review

June 27, 2022 0 By admin

Since SmiHub has launched its new Instagram Story Downloader, it’s never been simpler to get your hands on new Instagram Stories photographs and videos than ever before. Using the downloader’s drag-and-drop interface, you may effortlessly download all the stories you desire to your hard drive or even cloud storage account. You may even remove the downloaded files at any time! This SmiHub review will tell you all you need to know about this free Instagram Story viewer.

About SmiHub

SmiHub, which can be used anonymously, allows you to browse Instagram stories on a PC or Mac, according to their website. Any web-enabled mobile device can see Instagram videos and photographs. Users may download high-quality photos and videos from favourite accounts without ads or Snapchat. Compared to other third-party clients, such as Instabird, it seems to function more rapidly. You may use SmiHub to speed up your downloads if you’re interested.

What Is SmiHub?

Instagram Story

Instagram Story

Using the SmiHub Instagram viewer tool, you can monitor your followers, comments, and the number of people who have seen your posts. This is the best way to access a closed profile and get all of the content they’ve published. Just open the browser and go to the website. To search for a profile, enter the username in the appropriate area and click “Search.” You’ll obtain all the information you need on the person’s profile. Finally, you may view and download the profile’s videos, reels and stories without revealing your personal information.

The Best Features

SmiHub has a wealth of useful options. First and foremost, it’s fully anonymous, so you may rest certain that your privacy is protected—no one will ever know you’re viewing Instagram Stories via a third-party app. You may also store your stories for offline viewing, which is a convenient tool. Instagram stories may be seen on aircraft and other areas with patchy Internet connectivity thanks to SmiHub’s ability to download straight from Instagram rather than an external server. When you utilize SmiHub, you don’t require a WiFi or 3G/4G connection, but you need a lot of storage capacity.

As an added convenience, SmiHub’s viewer window may be used to like photographs without having to exit the app. Then there’s the option of downloading many articles at once. With SmiHub, everything is taken care of: If you’d like to download 10 at once, you may! This app is ideal for individuals who wish to keep up with their favourite social media accounts. It’s no surprise that many people adore SmiHub since it has all the features they could ever want in a picture viewing app. SmiHub is fast becoming the most popular programme today because of its excellent design, user-friendly interface, and top-notch security measures. We promise that you won’t be disappointed if you give it a whirl!

SmiHub Allows You to Download Instagram Videos and Stories

You need to follow a few simple steps to download Instagram videos or stories. The first thing to do is to go to the official Instagram website, which is a dump or insta. Locate the account you are interested in analyzing, then. Make your selections by clicking on the photographs or videos you’d want to save. They’ll be downloaded to your phone as soon as they’re available. Dropbox and Google Drive are two alternative options for storing files.

When you see the article in your feed, click on it, choose what format you want (video or picture), and push save. It’s as easy as that! It’s easy to obtain live news in addition to stock photographs and videos. You must set your device’s default quality to live to stream. You won’t have to wait for your feeds to expire before seeing them. When a picture expires, it will still look like a regular photo. Thus, there is no difference between seeing one before or after it expires.

SmiHub’s Alternate Sites Are 100% Operational

The following are some of the top SmiHub alternatives and a brief description of each of them:

Qoob Stories

One of the greatest and most powerful Instagram story viewers is SmiHub. Qoob Stories is the best alternative. Private and public Instagram profiles may be viewed for photographs, stories, and videos. With Qoob Stories, you may download high-quality images, stories, and reels with metadata without compromising your identity. One can also use a computer or phone to automate the process of downloading stories for a certain account. Free Starter plan, $7/month Personal plan, $25/month Professional plan.


  • Access may be granted to both private and public accounts.
  • Metadata may be obtained with high-quality reels, images, and videos.
  • The ability to download automatically.
  • A feature that saves the captions.
  • The ability to sort and download files with ease.




The greatest alternative to SmiHub is Cocospy, which is accessible as a mobile app. It’s useful for finding information on public and private Instagram accounts. This website provides access to all postings, stories, and videos. When activated in stealth mode, it is undetectable. The original user of the profile that was searched will not be aware that they have been spied upon. Use it to snoop on other social networking sites. Fans, views, clips, articles and posts may be shown. You don’t need to root your phone to use this app. It costs 39.99 per month for Android smartphones and 99.99 per month for iOS devices.


  • Android and iOS smartphones can use the app.
  • Instagram’s contact list is a useful tool.
  • This tool monitors sent-and-received messages.
  • There is a way to download and watch Instagram posts, videos, and reels.
  • Many social networking applications may be monitored.


According to the experts, a phone tracking and monitoring app called mSpy is the finest alternative to SmiHub. As a result, parents can keep tabs on their children’s activities on tiktok. This website allows users to browse and download images, videos, reels, and short stories. Instagram users’ current GPS whereabouts may also be tracked with this app. 25+ social media platforms are tracked by this tool. For a month, you’ll pay around $48.99; for three months, you’ll pay about $27.99; and for a year, you’ll pay about $11.66. In addition, a free demo version is provided.


  • GPS position may be monitored.
  • It can track anything from messages to followers to likes and comments.
  • One can also save the posts and stories.
  • It has a private mode as well.
  • Sites and programmes may be blocked by it.


SmiHub’s replacement, Hoverwatch, is the finest option. Whether public or private, Instagram accounts may be tracked down to the smallest of data. It may let you download and see the Instagram profile’s posts, reels, and videos. Cell phone towers, WiFi, and GPS satellites may all be monitored with this device. I think it’s the greatest social media monitoring tool out there now. The device’s location may also be tracked using this feature. One month is $49.99, three months is $27.99, and twelve months is $11.66.


  • To keep tabs on social media apps,
  • Track your position on the map.
  • Monitor all incoming and outgoing messages.
  • You may download high-definition films and stories.
  • It is possible to keep tabs on the number of people following you.


Besides SmiHub, Glassagram is an alternative option. It allows users to access any Instagram account (public or private) from inside the app without revealing their identity. Anybody may see the postings, followers, messages, and stories. It can keep track of all of Instagram’s essential information. This website allows users to see their current GPS position. For a month, you’ll pay $59.99, and for a year, you’ll pay $159.99.


  • It is possible to see the hidden stories.
  • Keep track of messages sent and received.
  • Track videos, images, social media postings, and other content.
  • It can keep tabs on Instagram accounts.
  • It is possible to trace a GPS position.
  • The site is easy to use.


In addition to SmiHub, which is said to be a phone tracking app, this is an excellent option. Additionally, users may use it to monitor their Instagram accounts anonymously. In addition, it provides Instagram users with a more in-depth look into their accounts. Users may also utilize it to download high-quality versions of photographs, videos, and stories from public and private accounts. It is the ideal platform for removing youngsters from harmful influences.


  • Chat Viewer for Instagram
  • Content Downloading.
  • Access the Instagram profile that has been locked.
  • Location finder.
  • Alert for geofencing.
  • Keylogger.
  • Screen recorder.


One of the greatest alternatives to SmiHub can be found on Picuki. Instagram Story Viewer is a well-known tool for spying on Instagram profiles, but it can also be used to hide one’s identity. In a matter of seconds, it acquires access to a private account and disseminates all of its findings for commercial advantage. It also aids in the downloading of stuff from the Instagram account. It’s also possible that some of the Instagram account’s deleted content shows up here. It’s completely free to use.


  • You may remain anonymous while reading the stories.
  • Save high-quality versions of your favourite videos, stories, and posts.
  • The website is really quick and user-friendly.
  • Free accessibility.
  • Deleted stories and posts may be viewed.

Why SmiHub Seem to Be Better Than Others?

SmiHub Review

SmiHub Review

Instagram video and picture downloads may be time-consuming and error-prone. To make things more difficult, most programmes claiming they can accomplish this employ numerous accounts and need you to copy URLs. Furthermore, these applications aren’t always functional. SmiHub’s Instagram dump is superior to others for the following reasons: Our service is much quicker than other products on the market since we use two computers at once.

You don’t have to wait hours or days to get your articles! In addition, our servers are up-to-date and optimized for quick downloads on all major browsers. Their quickness is since they are just a few businesses with direct access to Instagram’s APIs. This implies Instagram isn’t collecting the most accurate data since other sites are spamming or stealing users’ personal information, which is why Instagram has blacklisted them. Our API allows us to retrieve photographs as rapidly as possible while ensuring that user privacy is not compromised.

Passwords are never stolen, and no one is ever spammed. In an increasingly saturated market, we’re one of the few services still surviving. SmiHub allows you to download your stories without having to enter your password. Another reason why this is so important is that no other website enables you to do it is

  1. You do not want anybody to know your password.
  2. Using someone else’s Instagram account is against the terms of service of Instagram. You’ll be kicked from the site if you’re caught using someone else’s credentials. However, everyone logged in with that account will be affected. Passwords are safe with SmiHub. As a result, no one is left out. – Trustworthy: Like many websites state, they cannot download your photographs and videos.

SmiHub: Is it Free or Paid?

It’s completely free! Downloading and using it are free of charge. It’s also free to utilize all of the program’s functionality since there are no charged upgrades. Using the application, I have found it to be the greatest story reader available. SmiHub gives us all the tools we need to download and watch Instagram stories for only $1 a month. You can get a free trial of their services to see whether or not it will meet your needs, but if you join up, you’ll get an ad-free version of Instagram. Thomas Computer Solutions LLC. is an exception to the rule today.

Because they consistently provide dependable service, we have no hesitation in recommending them to you. You simply cannot match the advantages of working with a firm like SmiHub. Included in excellent customer service is a bonus; it doesn’t need any additional software or downloads. It’s free of charge since there aren’t any startup costs. There haven’t been any problems or difficulties with the app since it was released last week. Make sure to try SmiHub if you’re even thinking of downloading an Instagram user’s story. We do not doubt that you’ll be impressed by how simple and quick they are to use.


This stories downloader is amazing, and I’m thrilled to give you my unbiased opinion. What distinguishes it from similar products? First and foremost, since it is an internet platform, it is very fast. Another benefit of SmiHub is that it doesn’t need the installation of any software on your phone; all you need is an Instagram account and an internet-capable web browser. It’s also free. Many firms charge for their services, but not here. Fourth, they provide social media customer assistance, making them more trustworthy since they’re constantly approachable.