The Greatest Puzzle Movies to Watch for the Upcoming Weekend

The Greatest Puzzle Movies to Watch for the Upcoming Weekend

June 28, 2022 0 By admin


Are you seeking convoluted, thick movies with clever twists and complicated plots for your weekend binge time? If you said yes, you would have a great time going through this compiled list of puzzle movies that must be on your download list immediately. You can also catch up on some quick games between movie times. For instance, you can play block puzzle game online and connect with random online opponents. Each match session lasts for about five minutes so that it can serve as the perfect buffer between movie switches.

Without further ado, look at the incredible puzzle movies you must watch.


Thanks to the fantastic combination of devastating narrative aspects and science fiction, Interstellar became an instant hit. The movie’s love, family, and betrayal themes are universally understood. But on the other hand, the plot deals with the mysterious depths of infinite space.

The movie shows a dream within a dream, and it goes on. It is going to thrill you and make you wonder in awe. The director has accurately depicted the immense size of the infinite space and the insignificance of humans compared to the universe.

By mixing seemingly opposed elements, Christopher Nolan has created a brilliant hit. If you love exercising your mind and solving block puzzle game online, this one’s a must-watch.


In Memento, the plot revolves around Leonard Shelby. Leonard is a former insurance investigator, and he is on the hunt to find his wife’s assassin. Due to a traumatic head injury, Leonard suffers from short-term memory loss. While he can recall everything that happened before his wife was murdered, he cannot retain new memories. He cannot endure more than fifteen minutes, so he must employ different deception techniques to keep things straight.

It is a real treat to watch Shelby solve the case of his wife’s murder, and you will have a fun time following his adventures.

Now You See Me

Now You See Me tells the story of the Four Horsemen. They were the most incredible illusionists in the world who would rob banks. Then, during their shows, they would distribute the stolen money to the audience. As they play the game of cat and mouse with the authorities, they will mesmerize and amuse you. However, the elite FBI unit is left at a loss when they cannot figure out how they bring together the illusions.

The magic tricks in the movie are breathtaking, and you should not let anything distract you from the screen.

The Butterfly Effect

In The Butterfly Effect, Evan is the central character, suffering from a unique disease. He seemed to have acquired the disease from his psychotic father. Evan doesn’t recollect the awful and bizarre events that transpired throughout his life. After enrolling in University, he discovers that he can return to his youth. Therefore, he can impact his future through his deeds.

Twelve Monkeys

Twelve Monkeys is a brilliant film by Terry Gilliam, and it defies any description or explanation. The plot is seemingly banal for a science fiction movie, but he manages to create a film that cannot be called fiction. The movie has a slow-moving plot, but it picks up and will not let you shift your gaze. Critics highly appreciate the final moments of the film.

A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind is a fantastic movie with a brilliant plot. It tells an intriguing story about a mathematical genius. The genius attempts to understand himself and gets the viewers fully involved in the process. The movie makes the audience guess what will happen next.

As soon as the film starts, you might question the difference between fantasy and reality or the extent of human intelligence.

Deja Vu

Have you experienced deja vu in your life? Almost everyone does this without understanding the concept. It might feel that you have already lived through a particular moment and that such things have happened to you in the past. People have tried to explain this phenomenon in several ways, but deja vu is the one thing that has remained constant.

The movie will make you believe it is possible to go back in time and change your past.

Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas is a brilliant movie with a fantastic plot. The production design is breathtaking, and even before the movie ends, you will start discussing what’s happening and what will happen next. In addition, the film’s philosophy is challenging. It compels users to rack their brains and understand that everything that happens in life is interconnected.

Vanilla Sky

Vanilla Sky follows the story of a spoiled child of a tycoon, David. He is known for throwing wild parties and hanging out with pretty girls. David takes everything for granted, including his good looks, wealth, and relationships. However, at one point, God decides to teach him a lesson by testing him. David meets with a car accident, and after the crash, he is forced to adjust to living with his mutilated face. However, things aren’t as simple, and he gets nightmares at night. Finally, he realizes that something is going wrong in his life, and he needs to make changes.

The Bottom Line

These puzzling movies will keep your gaze hooked on the screen. You need to put these movies on your download list right away. Then, when you need to take a break from binge-watching, you can play a block puzzle game online on your phone, like the block puzzle game, to keep you occupied.