Ultimate Guide to Avple Usage

Ultimate Guide to Avple Usage

February 18, 2022 0 By admin

Avple is a name that is becoming famous in the world, the name is also reaching out to the parts of the world where service is not yet available. The website is getting famous for its content and if you want to visit the site and use it, you will need help. Some parts of the world don’t have access to this site and if you are living in one of those areas than the article will assist you in reaching out to this platform.

Avple is not available in all of the world is because the site is not fully develop yet. It is a very famous website in China and also in United States of America. You can easily access the web platform from these parts of the world. Read till the end to know more about the feature, content and the usage of the website.

Avple Website

Avple is a video streaming platform available in some parts of the world. The website is a small website and its servers are often faulty. Download from this website is also problematic sometimes. So, you will have to use alternate ways to download videos from the website. The video downloading if start is fast, so you don’t have to worry about the speed of the video downloading. Avple is getting very popular and start of 2022 was its day.

Avple provides access to content from China, several types of videos are available on the site that you can watch online. Most of the content available on the website is adult content and you must be 18+ to watch the content on the website. All the content on the website is 18+ but there is not warning about the content. There is no warning on the start of the visit to warn children about the content present inside the website.

Are Avple and Apple Same?

The famous website has a very unique name Avple, one wonder what does this word means. The meaning to this word is not known and it is not a word in English language but the word is very similar to a word in English “Apple”. Apple is a world-famous brand and even small kids know about it. The popularity of this brand is massive, so one thinks that is this brand anyhow related to the Avple website.

Apple is very famous tech company from United States of America. The headquarters are located in United State but the company operates all around the world. Its outlets are open in the furthest parts of the world. People know and recognize this brand, famous I phones are made by the Apple tech. I phone is the most selling mobile phone in the world and people love all the products by the Apple INC.

So, people are confuse with the name of this website and think of it as a part of Apple. They think of it as another product launched by the Apple company but the reality is not this. The Apple Company has nothing to do with this website and the only relation they might have is that you can use an I Phone to visit this website. Apple has its own video streaming platform and it is paid website where you can access all the Videos.

Is Avple Free for Users?

Avple is a video streaming website and mostly the content is in Chinese. The website allows you to stream 18+ videos from China. So, if you are an adult and want to watch the content you can visit the website to stream content available. The website is free for all user, so you don’t need to pay or provide any type of your bank detail. You can just visit the website right away to watch the adult content present on it.

Video Downloading from Avple

Avple is a free video streaming platform and you are not allowed to download the videos from the website. The website doesn’t have any option that allows video downloading from the website, so it is impossible to download videos from the website. You can only stream video on the platform and you can do it for absolutely free. Its all 18+ content and if you love the Chinese porn, you would love this website.

How to Download Video From Avple?

The website do not allows users to download the videos from it, so, how can you download videos from the website. There is a n alternate method and you can use it to easily download the video from Avple. The process is very simple and you will be able to download video in few simple steps. Following downloading method will help you and guide you through the process. Read the following guideline to easily download video to your devices.

  • So, first visit the Avple’s official website, search for Avple on Google or visit Avple.tv.
  • After opening the website, select the video you want to watch, the website it’s in Mandarin, so you will need Google translator to translate the page.
  • Click on the video and play the video.
  • Now open another tab on your browser and search for PasteDownload and open the website.
  • Now copy the link to the video from Avple and paste it in the URL bar in PasteDownload website.
  • Click on the download button and the video will start to download.
  • The download will take few minutes and the video will be downloaded to the default folder.

PasteDownload Website

PasteDownload is an amazing website that allows you to download any type of video from the internet. You can download videos from YouTube, TiKTok, Instagram, Facebook and any other website that allows video streaming. You need to copy the link of the video and paste it on the website. Click on the download button to download the video from any website. Its an amazing web app that allows fast downloading.

PasteDownload is a free website and user don’t have to pay anything to use the services of this web-based application. So, you can visit the website anytime to download videos from internet. You will not feel irritation while on this website because it is an ad free website. So, enjoy the amazing ad free experience and download as much videos as you want. PasteDownload is an amazing app, so bookmark it in your browser.

Avple Data Tracking

People think that Avple is a data tracking website and it can also track your personal data and web browser history. This is not true the website do not track your personal data, instead it only tracks the movements of users online. The website acquires this data to improve the user experience on the website. Avple only tracks your movements like your time on website and the most frequent video categorize user watch.

So, it is not something that uncommon and almost all the websites use data tracking to improve the user experience. Social Media website also use this method to know about the preferences of the users. Facebook uses the online tracking to know about the preferences of the user for ads purposes. So, Avple is also doing normal data tracking, which they use to improve the users experience by increasing the content that users like.

Is it Safe to Use Avple?

The above discussion revels that it is safe for the user to visit the website to stream and download content. You are not allowed on the website only if you are below 18. It is a pornographic website and not advice for children. So, do not visit if you are not adult and adults should also visit such website less. You can stream and download content over the web streaming platform, without any concern about your safety. You and your data are safe while using Avple.

Avple and Other Video Streaming Platforms

Avple is a famous video streaming platform, especially in China. So, let’s compare this website with another world-famous website to know more about it.

Apple TV VS Avple TV

Apple TV is an online video streaming platform by Apple INC. Apple and Avple are rhyming names and one often mistakes for other. Apple is a paid video streaming website and allows users to watch movies and web series. So, unlike Avple there are no pornographic content on Apple TV and children also can watch cartoon on this video streaming website.

Netflix VS Avple

Netflix is the most famous video streaming platform. Netflix has the biggest audience in the world. Netflix provide various types of content to its user. Its content bases on the location of the user and you can watch movies, web series and also can watch some documentaries. Netflix is a paid website and users have to buy a plan to watch the videos. On the other hand, Avple is a free website that allows users to stream adult content, so both websites are very different from each other.


So, Avple is an online platform that allows users to stream video online. The website doesn’t allow video downloading, so users take alternate methods to download the content. Downloading method of videos is give in the article and you can take help from it. The website is free for users and you can stream as much ad free content as you want. Visit the website to know more about it.