Under The Oak Tree Review

Under The Oak Tree Review

January 23, 2022 0 By admin

Under the Oak Tree is a light novel written by Suji Kim. The story revolves around a couple and their romantic life. Their life becomes difficult after their marriage, and how they go through this time is elaborated perfectly in the novel. Novels provide an extensive view of the people and surroundings, so it is a treat for the imagination. It is a fantasy romance novel and also very famous around the world for its style of elaboration.


The story is about Maximilian, who lives a difficult life and changes after marriage. She belongs to the Croix family, a rich and famous family. Duke Croix is her father and doesn’t like her, so he is very abusive toward his first daughter and beats her with the cane he always has in his hands. He mistreats him for the abnormality. Princess suffers from the stuttering disorder, and due to this problem, her father hates her.

Maxi, the daughter of the duke, develops an inferiority complex. She also becomes very conscious about herself and her looks. She looks down at herself. Her life changes when her father receives an order from the king, and he is directed to attack the red dragon. Before going to the conquest, he marries his daughter to a knight of low standards. The couple meets on their first night after marriage and enjoys the warmth of each other.

Riftan Calpyse leaves his wife without saying a word to her. He goes on the conquest and returns after three years. He returns as a famous knight and killer of the red dragon. The peasant knight now becomes the most famous knight in the country. He returns to the country and takes his bride with him. After returning from the adventure, Maximilian lived in her father’s mansion for three years and went with her husband.

The story takes a lot of turns after their marriage. She comes to know about her husband and his friendly nature. Riftan takes care of his wife and treats her like a princess. The story Under the Oak Tree revolves around their life after marriage is fun to read. So, learn more about the couple by reading the beautiful Manga.

Characters of Under The Oak Tree

Maximilian Calpyse

She is the main character in this story. Her father, Duke Croix, abuses her for suffering from the stuttering disorder. She becomes very conscious about herself due to the ill-treatments treatment of her father. Duke marries her to Riftan Calpyse, a knight and her life changes when he returns from his adventure.

Riftan Calpyse

Riftan Calpyse is the main character of the story. He commands the knights of the Remdragon. He is brave and kind-hearted and also a loving person who treats his wife nicely. After defeating the red dragon Riftan becomes the most famous knight in the country. He is shown as a tall, strong man. He has a beautiful body and looks perfect.


Ruth is under Riftan Calpyse, and he is a member of a knight of Remdragon. A powerful wizard, but another looks down upon him. He becomes rude and aggressive due to his treatment. He accompanies Maxi through her journey to Calpyse home, and ruth helps her throughout their journey together.

Duke Croix

He is the abusive father of Maximilian from the story Under the oak tree. He mistreats and beats his daughter for stuttering. Duke Croix plays an important role in building the character of Maxi. He prefers his young daughter over Maxi, so he marries her off to a person to get rid of her. Duke is always seen with a cane in his hand.

Rudy’s Ain

Rudy’s character is of utmost importance in the story. She is the servant of Maxi and also her friend. Rudy has affection towards her mistress and shows it throughout the story, and She serves maxi and also helps her in hard times. She dresses like a black and white maid and always keeps her headcover in a White veil.

Rodrigo Seric

Rodrigo is the loyal servant of the house of Calypse. He is an elder man who takes care of all the household chores as he also is the head servant in the house. Rodrigo also has the responsibility of keeping the financial records. He is taken off of his duty after the arrival of Maxi as she takes charge of the financial matters of the house.

Highlights of the Story


Under the Oak Tree has one of the best arts you will ever find online. The art shows the emotion and story of the light novel, and it also reveals much about the feelings of the characters inside the story. The artist for this light novel did an amazing job portraying some novel moments through visual art. Hence gives a perspective of the story world and its characters. It can only be done through a dedicated collaboration between the artist and the writer.

The light and the skin tone of the characters is dome perfectly. Unlike American comic books, the art of the story relates to the story from the novel. The emotions and feelings of the characters are treated for eyes.


Under the Oak Tree gives a deep perspective about their world. The writer has put much effort into making it look real. The story is from medieval times with some fantasy elements. The background’s details also make the story more interesting. The character in the story also shows deep connections; their back story and character developments make it more awesome. It is a treat for imagination, so if you want to dive into the wonders of a new world in your mind.


Under the Oak Tree is a beautiful light novel with some of the best characters. It shows a beautiful romantic story of a couple and their adventures. The best thing is the development of its characters, so the story takes several twists and turn, and the character has to go through a lot. It is the best light novel you will ever find online. So, read it on available sites and enjoy.