Waterproof linear actuators: important information

Waterproof linear actuators: important information

February 13, 2023 0 By admin

We are surrounded by automation, and a large portion of it is powered by linear actuators. While mounting your actuator in a warm, dry location is preferable, it isn’t always practical. An actuator will frequently need to be positioned outside, either directly or indirectly exposed to dampness and water. You are probably looking for a waterproof linear actuator for this reason.

Even though some claim to be waterproof, not all micro linear actuator are water-resistant. The only way to know whether an actuator will function in a certain application is to test it yourself. An actuator’s durability in a wet or humid environment depends on a number of elements, including but not limited to

The device’s IP rating

Whether there is direct or indirect exposure

If the actuator is submerged entirely

Whether the water is fresh, salty, or a mixture of liquids

Thermodynamic load

Water resistant vs. Waterproof

The amount of water to which electronic equipment of all kinds, including motion components, can be subjected varies. Although the phrases “waterproof” and “water-resistant” are occasionally used synonymously, they are not in actuality. A device is waterproof if it can withstand continuous exposure to water without experiencing any water infiltration.

A gadget is said to be water-resistant if it can withstand a small quantity of direct or indirect water exposure. This could imply anything from brief or prolonged submersion in water to gentle splashing. Though there are specialist, significantly more expensive linear actuators and other equipment available that are entirely waterproof. The ip rating of the actuator itself should be your priority when selecting one for your application.

Ip ratings and linear actuators

A device’s level of defense against the entry of solid objects and liquids is simply indicated by its ip rating. Ip ratings come in two forms: the device’s level of defense against the entry of solid materials is indicated by the first number. The device’s degree of resistance to liquid infiltration is indicated by the second number.

A manufacturer who wants to give their product an IP rating must have it tested by a reputable, independent lab. The business gives the product a numerical IP rating.

What IP rating do I need for outdoor use of my product?

It is tough to explain because it fully relies on how exposed you are to the elements in your particular application. When selecting a product, you should consider the following issues:

Will rain or splashes expose the product to water directly or indirectly?

Is a humid climate where the product will be used anticipated?

Will the item be mounted inside a secondary enclosure?

Will the product come into contact with sand, dust, or insects?

Your decision-making should be aided by certain factors. However, to find the finest product for your needs, there is no substitute for user testing.

FIRGELLI actuators are waterproof, right?

We don’t advertise our items as watertight, though. The IP rating of FIRGELLI actuators is anywhere from IP42 to IP66. This means that when exposed to splashes from all directions, they are protected from dust for 2 to 8 hours with little entry and limited water infiltration. The length of time a actuators can be expected to survive varies depending on several factors, including how frequently and directly it is exposed in your circumstance. It’s crucial to note that these are guidelines. A number of variables will be involved, including humidity, duty cycle, and the type of water (fresh vs. Salt).

What to do if a waterproof actuator is required

Finding out just how much water exposure you may expect is the first thing you need to do. You should opt for an actuator with HIGH IP ratings such as a FIRGELLI IP66 actuator. These are suitable for waterproof devices if you need a device that can survive direct spray from pressured water or complete immersion.