What is Ouji Fashion

What is Ouji Fashion

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Ouji (王子) is a Japanese-originated word that has the dictionary meaning of “Prince” or “Emeer”. Ouji Fashion is a subdivision of Lolita fashion that is meant for females. The Ouji Fashion is taken as an alternative to Lolita Fashion for men. It is not Lolita style but share many common beauties with Lolita dresses. Even though it is the male alternative of Lolita dresses it can be worn by all genders and it looks equally beautiful on all. It covers many fashion items including hats, combat boots, flowers, and long coats aesthetically designed to be at best among many fashion divisions.

It is also named Brolita.


Whether a fashion subdivision is new in the market or an ancient one it takes its inspiration from somewhere maybe past or present. A group of people having the same taste choose the clothes according to their wills and other people see inspired and adopt it. The Ouji fashion takes its inspiration from an era when kings used to rule over other people. The way how they used to be dressed inspired the local masses and they used to copy it in their everyday dressing to every possible extent they can according to their resources.

The Ouji fashion seemed to be inspired by historical figures, Japanese literature, fantasies of common people. Japanese media was also an inspiration in form of manga(comic books) and music.

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Every fashion class has a range from basic to extensive fashion to suit according to the needs of every class of people cause two people can have the same taste of the clothes but the extent of how much one can carry a fashion varies from person to person.

To fulfill this ouji fashion has childish to mature, simple with basic colors to vibrant, sweet to mystic ones, feminine to manly, and simple to detailed variety.

So due to these, it becomes one of the most famous fashion types in the world mainly in japan.


Some clothes are meant for boys and some are meant for girls. While designing clothes the structure of the female and male body and comfy is also kept in mind. If you want to design a cloth equally suitable for both males and females Moderate way to go for it is unisex. Which is made to eliminate the differences between both sexes.

So this ouji fashion is equally loved and adopted by both girls and boys and can be called a unisex fashion class.

Components of an Ouji Outfit:

The ouji outfit not as simple as basic daily life clothing It has many parts.

Few of them are listed here


A good range is available from formal skinny dress pants to baggy pants. Puffy shorts may sound weird but it is also an option. Puffy shorts are also called Pumpkin Shorts.


Socks or tights are also a valuable addition to the Ouji outfit. A nice pair of socks or tights work well.

There is an option of Solid Colors to shiny socks or tights and also include patterned ones

Head Wear:

Headwear is not as compulsory for completing the outfit as it is essential for the Lolita outfit to complete. Perfect Headwear is considered to be a full-sized hat instead of bows, laces, or Flowers to avoid looking it a girly look.


A plain vest is a good addition to the ouji outfit can be worn under a blouse or a jacket If you want to add some vibrance to your outfit it can also be done by using colored vests.


Jackets are not always a necessity they can be used and also can be avoided but once if you have decided to go for a jacket choose a classy and fancy one that adds up to your class as a jacket is the most prominent part of the outfit.


A good pair of rough shoes are the perfect pair to carry with the ouji outfit.

You can choose between a list of shoes such as boots, knee boots, mid calves.

Just a basic tip is to avoid pointy heels.


There are a bunch of accessories you can go for with your perfect ouji outfit.

Necktie, Brooch, a few mystic rings, a rose tucked in your hat. Choose a few of them to wear and this section is all done.

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Where to shop for Ouji Outfits:

To shop ouji outfits there are many options and ways you can use to buy the stuff you like for you.


Japanese brands are the main and core manufacturers and suppliers of ouji style outfits and are the most expensive way to get ouji clothes. When a brand becomes famous it normally starts to charge more money and drain the pockets of the customers. Try to avoid this method for buying until unless after seeing an outfit you can’t resist. Most of the brands provide home delivery but if you still want the product you can use private courier services.

Small Brands:

There are also small local but still worthy brands in the market that are low cost than brand and still provide with trendy and quality clothing. The quality of each such brand is not the same so cross-check before making a purchase also check the buyer’s review section so there is no chance of making a wrong decision and ruin your ouji outfit experience.


These are distributors for brands that help them to access a larger customer market. Based on where on the horizon you live. It is always more economical to order from the retailer than personally from the brand.


Purchasing secondhand clothes can be the least expensive way toward the ouji outfit shopping. There are many well-known secondhand shops and dealers which are reliable. But still, follow the same protocols while buying from them. Check both the quality and authenticity of the product.

Shopping Rules:

When shopping for outfits there are two important factors which matter the most which are quality and price. Choose the option that you prefer the quality or quantity. Make a list of what you want and do not get distracted from the aim.


The Ouji Fashion is the very unique fashion type that has its beauty and must be appreciated by everyone. Everyone must try this once in a life.